The Industrial Intelligence Advantage



Our assessment will determine exactly which data will enable you to increase productivity. It will also help you find the data that is hiding all the extra revenue in your factories.


Now that we know the data you need we make sure you get it by implementing a complete turn-key solution from end-to-end.

Closing the Loop

This is where all the magic happens! Now that we know the exact data needed and we are collecting it, we need to teach you exactly how to use it. We then continuously monitor and analyze the data to find more areas to increase revenue.

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness Copy

    Overall Equipment Effectiveness Copy



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  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness

    Overall Equipment Effectiveness



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  • Receiving


    Providing solutions to front-end material issues to ensure pull system success  


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  • Assessment


    Making sure you have all the right data to increase productivity and revenue  


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  • Downtime Intelligence™

    Downtime Intelligence™

    Accurately Track Downtime to Increase Productivity DOWNLOAD BROCHURE


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  • Warehousing of raw material and Purchased parts

    Warehousing of raw material and Purchased parts

    Setting intelligent staging and storage of materials to optimize visibility and availability


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  • PFEP (Plan For Every Part)

    PFEP (Plan For Every Part)

    Lean material handling solutions that prescribe paths and staging for organized, accurate flow


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  • Material Fabrication

    Material Fabrication

    Customized solutions for disciplined and predictable performance and throughput


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  • Sub-Assembly


    Install highly visible pull system package to accurately link assembly with supply


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  • Work in process and Pay Gate Tracking

    Work in process and Pay Gate Tracking

    Intelligent and predictive WIP control for optimized scheduling and consumption metrics


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  • Lineside Presentation/Supermarkets

    Lineside Presentation/Supermarkets

    Use “smart factory” technology to moderate supply and guarantee material availability


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  • Final Assembly Metrics/Control

    Final Assembly Metrics/Control

    State of the art productivity solutions for reliable performance and schedule attainment


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  • Finished Goods

    Finished Goods

    Intelligent warehouse management interface providing increased flow and accuracy


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  • Asset Utilization

    Asset Utilization

    When everyone knows how well the plant is running – it runs better. Industrial Intelligence makes that possible by providing scorecards and dashboards that display OEE and other key metrics, giving stakeholders actionable insight into operations.


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  • Augmented Reality

    Augmented Reality


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  • Predictive Maintenance

    Predictive Maintenance


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  • Mobile Apps

    Mobile Apps

    Industrial Intelligence mobile apps work with all machines that are subscribed. Real time indication of equipment status, and performance trend provides plant floor visibility – even when they are not there. Advanced tracking of key performance indicators speak to the needs of the Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma-Lean practitioner.


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  • Tool Tracking

    Tool Tracking

    Dies, Molds, Knifes, Screws, and other items used by machines to operate on products are subject to wear and tear. Industrial Intelligence Tool Tracking application keeps track of the tools as they are used from one machine to the next.


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  • Production Reporting

    Production Reporting

    Industrial Intelligence provides the comprehensive production reporting you need to monitor equipment and increase effectiveness. Production information is analyzed by shift, day, machine, facility, and enterprise to deliver the details to empower manager decisions.


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Our Process

Industrial Intelligence offers a complete turnkey IoT solution for the manufacturing industry. Our end-to-end offering starts with our assessment to assess optimization. We then use IoT to baseline and benchmark your plant. We then train your staff on how to use the data gathered to ensure the plant remains in optimum efficiency.

1. Assessment

We send in our team of trained industrial engineers and integration engineers to find exactly what needs to be done to help you increase productivity and revenue. Our assessment is guaranteed to pay for itself within 90 days.

2. Software Setup

We build out the exact infrastructure needed to support all of the data points needed from our assessment. We then determine exact hierarchy for alerts, when alerts will be sent and who based on hierarchy. Our assessment will tell us what we will display on dashboards and web portals. This is the step where we make all of that come to life.

3. Hardware Setup & Installation

Once we know all the data points we want we need to make sure we can collect those data points from all across your factory. What data can we collect from your PLC’s? What sensor data do you already have? All of this is completely taken care of by our Integration Engineers, end-to-end.

4. Closing the Loop

As a final and important step we train you and your staff on how to use the data we collect from your plant to increase productivity and revenue!

5. Continuous Monitoring

Things change on a continuous basis. This is where we make sure that if something changes or you need additional data points, you get them! Don’t worry about how or what, leave that to us.